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My books are finding their way to readers who have entered an “unknown” of some kind. They’ve lost jobs, relationships, health, or just attachment to things as they are, and they are reflecting on the overall story of their lives. My non-fiction books draw deeply on the mythological pattern of the hero’s journey and the wisdom of myth and fairy tales from around the world, and are inspired by mentors like Joseph Campbell, Victor Frankl, Rollo May, P.L. Travers, and Marie-Louise von Franz, and by hundreds of unknown ancestors who told and retold the myths.

The May Queen

What would a fairy godmother look like if she were walking around with us? What would she suffer in a world that eschews the magic of nature, and the stories that our grandmothers told over knitting needles and spinning wheels?

Meet May Galloway. A 21st century fairy godmother who, as her niece says, “has more magic in her baby finger than Santa has in his whole big fat belly.”

She’s glamorous. She’s larger than life. And she’s, oh so human. Afflicted by a wounded heart, and family secrets that cannot be disclosed, May flies around the world unable to settle anywhere.

But the time has come for her to land, drop her magic wand and tell the truth. To do so, she will have to put her trust in real magic—for only the power of love and nature can mend the shattered lives she will leave behind.

Brave Work

A guide to the hero’s journey at work, for people who are making major transitions, and seeking to live and work in a more purposeful way.

How to Ride a Dragon

A mythological approach to the cancer experience, providing spiritual sustenance to people with cancer and others who are meeting dragons in their lives.

A. Seeker’s Storybook

A collection of stories presented by the fictional (yet oh so real) character, Albert Seeker on his journey through a difficult transition.

The Broad Mind

A picture book for youth and adults that will delight anyone who is recovering from having their wings clipped. If you like The Broad Mind, you can find more stories on this site that are similar to it in the Mythic Writing - Original Mythic Tales section.

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