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The Storytelling Journey

Experience the transformative power of the fairy tale! In The Storytelling Journey you are invited to choose a fairy tale or a mythic story that fascinates you. Over the course of ten weeks, you’ll be exploring that tale, reporting from the scenes, meeting characters and eventually telling it in your own words. The Storytelling Journey will engage you deeply in listening, participating, writing and active imagination. Discover yourself through a story. As Joan Gould said of fairy tales in her book Spinning Straw into Gold: “I don’t know these stories as well as they know me.”

Mythic Writing

Develop characters, scenes, points of view, poems and other writings drawn from myth and fairy tales. Or work on a piece of original mythic writing drawn from a dream or an insight. The sessions are an excellent way to learn about the language of myth and develop techniques of story writing. They are also opportunities for deep, spiritual discussions.

Writing from the Heart

In Writing from the Heart, we draw topics and we write spontaneously on those topics. You can write poetry, fiction, memoir, or just “flow” with the associations. No writing experience is required, just a love for words and community. Experience the wide range of perspectives people have on a single topic, hear your own and others’ voices, and generate lots of writing and story ideas!

Coaching in writing and storytelling

Michelle assists storytellers, writers and performers to develop their material, increase their impact, and communicate with their audiences in a deep way. She also offers courses through organizations that want to offer creative writing, storytelling or healing-through-story workshops.

Please contact Michelle here for a current course schedule.

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