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Albert Einstein was once confronted by an anxious woman who wanted to know how to raise her son to become a successful scientist. “What kind of books should I read to my son?” she asked.

“Fairy tales,” said Einstein right away.

“Fine, but what should I read to him after that?”

“More fairy tales,” said Einstein.

“And after that?”

“Even more fairy tales,” he declared, waving his pipe in the air with the satisfaction of a wizard who had just pronounced a happy end to a long adventure.

—from Jack Zipes, Breaking the Magic Spell

Welcome to my website! Over the years I’ve seen how fairy tales have worked their magic with many different people, some of whom are dealing with mental and physical health issues, personal losses and radical career changes.

This website contains my books, book excerpts, and conversations with people who have explored the relevance of myths and fairy tales to their own lives.

If you would like to explore your own connection with a fairy tale or mythic story, visit my new website, WonderLit™ is a creative writing program that allows you to access your inner world through the fairy tale that you choose to explore.

Fairy tales, which have been passed down to us through the oral tradition and through great mythic writers—like George MacDonald, L. Frank Baum, and Hans Christian Andersen—provide a well of inspiration during difficult times. In my books and my courses I am showing people how they can go to that well, make contact with the fairy tales that speak to them, and enter those other-worlds as a way back to themselves.

My thanks to Arlene Moscovitch, Daniel Grant and David Adkin for helping me to produce the video clips you’ll find on the site.

You can click on any illustration or icon on the right side of some pages to discover more.

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