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Copyright © 2008 by Michelle Tocher
ISBN 978-0-9738776-2-5
328 pages
US$ 21.95

The May Queen is a poignant novel about family secrets and the myths we live by. Written in vivid, cinematic style by the celebrated author of How to Ride a Dragon, the story gives us a new appreciation for the healing power of fairy tales, and the way in which they are rooted in the predicaments of real life.

To order The May Queen online at Lulu, please click here.

HOW TO RIDE A DRAGON: Women with Breast Cancer Tell Their Stories
Copyright © 2002 by Michelle Tocher and Eleanor Nielsen
ISBN 978-1-55263-397-7
194 pages
US$ 19.95

How to Ride a Dragon has been described as a “beautifully crafted tapestry of mythology, fantasy, narrative and first-hand human experience that tells the stories of 22 women, their families and friends, and their epic struggles to come to terms with cancer.” The book was voted by Canadians as #11 on the CBC’s Reader’s Choice list of Best Canadian Fiction (though it is not fiction!) The book speaks to anyone dealing with major adversity in their lives.

To order How to Ride a Dragon online from Lulu please click here.

BRAVE WORK: A guide to the hero’s journey at work
Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), 1998
Copyright © 2006 by Michelle Tocher and Anna Simon
ISBN 0-9738776-1-8
192 pages, illustrated
US$ 19.95, (discounted to US$ 17.96)

Drawing from ancient wisdom, mythology and modern experience, Brave Work maps the heroic journey to make our work meaningful. Brave Work addresses the age-old questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I called to do?” It does not tell us how to get a job. Rather, it illustrates what the journey entails, puts us in touch with our own path, and shows us how to claim and realize our possibilities. It gives us our bearings—performing the age-old function of myth which is to help us see “from whence we came, and whither we go.”

To order Brave Work online from Lulu please click here.

A. SEEKER’S STORYBOOK: Stories for the Working Soul
Copyright © 2000, 2016 by Michelle Tocher
ISBN 978-0-9738776-3-2
166 pages, illustrated, full color
CAN$ 49.35

A. Seeker’s Storybook is a collection of stories penned by the fictional (and yet so real) character, Albert Seeker. The stories have served to help him reflect on his own work/life transitions, to not get too freaked out and to embrace his quest for meaningful work. He shares these mythical tales with us so that we might make some connections of our own. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves a well-woven tale. It is full of fantastic creatures and insights that capture the imagination, stimulate the senses and inspire the career journey.

To order A. Seeker’s Storybook online from Lulu please click here.

Copyright © 1995 by Michelle Tocher
ISBN 0-9699310-0-X
40 pages, hardcover, illustrated
CAN$ 19.95

First published in 1995, The Broad Mind is a picture book for youth and adults that has been embraced and loved by people who know what it means to have their wings clipped and to grow them back again. Powerfully illustrated by Richard Row, this is a gift book that is perfect for reading aloud (or telling) to gatherings of people at conferences and in classrooms.

To order The Broad Mind, please contact Michelle here.

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Copyright © 2016 Michelle Tocher